AttariinfoTech will turn your web design created in PSD to html (Photoshop) or similar formats and fulfil your need by converting them into HTML / HTML5 / PHP / Word Press, ready to be functional on the web that supports ALL the major browsers. We assure you to provide with a mark-up that will be easily accessible by your customers, and guaranteed to be matched to your design.

Our development team is expert in creating efficient and attractive designs that are customer-focused and will enable you to grow your company online whether you are a busy designer, a web agency or a freelance designer, Attari-InfoTech is here to provide you and your business with reasonable web design solutions.

We will convert your raw design into applicable XHTML within the time frame required.To channelize our field expertise and competencies in order to deliver customer-centric solutions for services like PSD to HTML conversion to our respected clients.


website designing company
website designing company

Advantages of PSD to HTML CONVERSION

For your touch towards your target audience on the web, it is necessary for you to confirm your website is compatible to every internet browser like “Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, and Internet Explorer”. with PSD to HTML conversion, this happens with comfort.
Content management system combination makes a website more maintainable.
Semantic coding makes your website search engine friendly.
This conversion allows you to manipulate your website pages.
PSD to HTML conversion improves the loading time of your website.
Being so much advantageous in nature, PSD to HTML conversion has become the choice of most of the front-end developers.


How we provide quality


Response to your Queries

Get instant answer to your questions and lets no confusion to rest anymore

Is it possible to change the requirements related to projects?

We confirm with our clients to get the details before providing our PSD to WordPress services. Therefore, such a situation infrequently occurs that you would need to change the scheduled requirements. However, if any such incidence occurs, we ensure to work on your project requirements.

Do you provide fast delivery?

Yes, we offer express delivery. For more knowledge regarding it, please contact our sales executive at [email protected]

Do you work on new PSD to WordPress customization in any project?

We do work on additional customization requirements of clients in their related PSD to WordPress customization projects. We are open to hearing from you to execute your plans demand in the complete professional process. However, the extra customization may take extra time and consequently the service charge too.

How do you determine the cost of PSD to responsive WordPress conversion?

The estimation of cost is done by our experts considering different factors comprising the size of the website, WordPress theme design, the number of PSD files to convert, etc.

What is covered in PSD to WordPress by default?

Though WordPress is a complete content management system, if something remains missing, we fulfill it while performing PSD to responsive WordPress conversion services

How many hours do you work in a week?

We are five days operating company and deliver your project within a defined time frame.

Which design format do you accept?

We accept various file formats including AI, PNG, PSD, PDF, JPEG, etc. according to the project requirement.

What all markup options do you provide?

Various markup options are available with us such as HTML and HTML5.

Do you hand-code the design?

Yes absolutely, we ensure to provide hand-coded coding.

Can you include design, HTML conversion, Integration and Installation all in single package?

Yes, we include these all in one package. If we provide designing, HTML and integration, then installation of site on your web server is always free of cost

Do you accept other files apart from PSD for HTML conversion?

Yes, we accept different file formats for HTML conversion, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and AI.

What all things do you require for PSD to HTML conversion?

We require your design in any of these formats like PNG, JPEG or AI. All these are good for us to offer the best services. If you could provide layered PSD files, it would be the best format.

How manually coded HTML markups are better as compared to other patterns?

The hand-coded HTML markups are more qualitative than automatically generated codes. We create them by adhering to the standardized patterns that make them W3C-compliant, readable and cross-browser compatible.

Which browser do you support?

We write W3C validated HTML5 codes that look perfect on all the major browsers like Mozilla latest versions, Opera, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.

What if I want to add more sub-pages to my site in the future?

If you would like to add extra pages in your site after some time, we will charge our normal rates for sub-pages. All you need to do is placing an order and giving reference of your previous project.

Do you provide printer-friendly CSS version of stylesheet?

Yes, we provide an option to incorporate a print CSS stylesheet for perfect display of specific elements for layout’s print preview.

Do you offer flexible width layouts?

Yes, we can provide fluid or flexible layouts, however creating it is complex and even all designs cannot have a flexible width layout.

How can I track my project progress?

We keep you up-to-date about the project progress by sending you work reports that our team prepares and maintains regularly.

Can you provide some references?

Yes sure, we can give you references of our satisfied clients.

What if I am not satisfied with your PSD to HTML service?

We guarantee 100% *Money Back, in case you are not satisfied with our services.

Can I get CSS framework like 960 grid or Blueprint?

Yes you can. Our developers are proficient in these CSS frameworks (Blueprint and 960 grid). We also offer Bootstrap and 1140 grid along with various layout options.

Do you make changes in the completed markups?

Yes, we welcome changes recommended by you and ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied before returning to home.

Why Us?
  • It provides better talent at much lower cost.
  • It helps you save up on costs to hire the best talent from anywhere in the world, and that will be within your budget.
  • Remote developer provides access to Global Talent & More flexibility for your employees.
  • It is beneficial for the company to reduce the employee income.
  • It also provides high-level & direct interactive management control
  • It provides better customer satisfaction
  • We provide the best user-friendly website
  • We deliver SEO friendly website
  • We make sure that the site is fully dynamic
  • We offer a site that compatible with all the recent and popular browsers
  • W3C approved that provide high conversion rate.
  • Pixel perfect each and every page.
  • We offer the best work at minimum cost.

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